Friday, 16 August 2013

Band of Brothers

The boys had swords and torches.
They'd discovered that once the door to the walk-in wardrobe in our bedroom was closed, it made the perfect Dark Cave. 

I sat at the computer in my Study just down the hall and listened to the adventure unfolding.

There was thumping and laughing, squealing and shouting.
Deep 'pretend' voices were scheming and plotting how to rid the world of evil.
Every now and then this band of 3 brothers (aka my grandsons) would emerge from the Dark Cave and I’d catch the drift of the adventure that was underway.

I'd smile to myself and keep tapping away at my keyboard.

In and out of the Dark Cave they went, over the bed, under the bed, up and down on the bed. Every now and then they would tear down the hall, and bump and tumble their way down the stairs whooping and declaring war, then they’d return to the Dark Cave.

After a while though I noticed the tone beginning to change.

As they stood in the hallway I overheard, 
“Ohhh… why can’t I be the Good Guy?” (Rome, 4 yrs old)
“Because we can only have one Good guy.” (Zion, 7 yrs old)
“But why can’t it be me?” (Rome)
“Because we need someone to be the Baddie.” (Zion)
“But I’m always the Bad Guy!” (Rome)
“Alright then, Knoxie can be the Bad Guy!” (Zion)
“Yah! Yah!” (Knox, 2 and 1/2yrs old, making sword-swiping noises)
The 2 Good Guys ran into the Dark Cave and slammed the door.
“Let me in!” (Knox)
“Do you know the password?” (Rome)
“What?” (Knox)
“Do you know the password?” (Rome)
“Do you know the p-a-s-s-w-o-r-d??” (Zion and Rome, yelling)
“What???” (Knox yelling back)
“D-o  y-o-u  k-n-o-w the p-a-s-s-w-o-r-d?!”
“Let me in!!!” (Knox yelling extra loudly)

After this exchange the Dark Cave door flung open and Zion declared:
“I know, PA can be the Bad Guy!”
“Yeah!” shouted the other two in unison.
Problem solved, the 3 Good Guys then flew down the stairs in search of Pa yelling:
“Yah! Yah! Yah!” and swiping their swords through the air.


I love being around children.
Throughout my teaching career, motherhood, and now grandmother-hood, I have never ceased to be amused, and enlightened, by having these little people in my world!

They come in different genders, different shapes and sizes, different talents and abilities, and different personalities.
But they all come with their honesty and unpretentious expectations from life.
I love their perceptions of the world, their curiosity, their unquenchable thirst to know why? how? when?
They are so willing to trust.
They have astounding insight into spiritual truth.

Jesus loved being around children too.

He must have found it so refreshing sometimes – like the time his disciples were arguing as to which of them would get the highest rank in God’s Kingdom.
On this occasion, Jesus took a little child in his arms and said:
                         “I’m telling you once and for all, that unless you return to square one, 
                          and start over like children, you’re not even going to get a look at the 
                          Kingdom, let alone get in.                                                                  
                          Whoever becomes simple and elemental again, like this child, will 
                          rank high in God’s kingdom.” (Matthew 18:2-4 MSG)

Kingdom Life.

Simple and elemental.

Trust. Faith. Honesty. 

Curious. Unpretentious.

Band of Brothers.

Goodies vs Baddies.

Save the world!

Goodies vs Baddie

Pa, with the Band of Brothers

Kingdom Life is an adventure

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